Booklovers in Bali

It has been a while since I wrote a blog post of decent length. This is partly because I have been travelling from Bali to Java, Germany, Belgium and France in the past weeks. Also, I have been busy reading a little souvenir I brought from Bali. In Ubud I bumped into the Ganesha bookshop where they sell all kinds of new and secondhand books in several languages. I bought the trilogy ´1Q84´by Haruki Murakami, which is about 1300 pages long with a weight of 1 kg. I really enjoyed these books, even though after the first book there is not much new coming. Haruki Murakami has found a way to make extraordinary and sometimes even bizarre situations seems totally normal. I got dragged away by his intriguing main characters and the peaceful pace in which he writes.

Before this book, I had bought another one secondhand in the Ganesha bookshop in Ubud. They have an interesting system of 50% refund when you bring a purchased book back to one of their stores. Since I wanted to read but not carry all the books back home in my backpack, I happily brought my first book back. Apart from this bookstore I haven´t found other second-hand bookstores in Indonesia, so I was really happy. Maybe you won´t visit Indonesia so soon, but when you do, remember this little tip, my fellow booklovers!