What´s in a name

Have you ever looked up the meaning and origin of your name? I know I have, more than a couple of times. When people hear my name for the first time, the standard reply I get, is: “Davita? That is special, I have never heard that name before. Where does that name come from?”

It is quite an uncommon name. Estimations are that worldwide there are only about 7100 persons with this name. That is a very small number, compared with about 6 184 500 ´Julie´s in the world. The name Davita is of Hebrew origin, although as far as I know my family doesn´t have any connections to Judaism. During pregnancy, my parents read the book ´Davita´s harp´by Chaim Potok. They loved the name and the main character so much that they named me after her.

I really love the meaning of my name, which is: ´My beloved one´. In this area, I couldn´t think of a more desirable name. Although it sounds odd to a lot of people and sometimes even still to me, I have become fond of it. It somehow seems to fit my personality. I believe that a name is more special than just a word to call a person by. That is why I love to look up the meaning and origin of other people´s names. Would you like to share the story of your name? Feel free to leave a comment!



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