Unique. Just like everyone else.

Taking my first steps as a blogger, I sometimes feel intimidated by the amount of bloggers that are already out there. Some blogs even have a similar domain name to mine. I went through quite the struggle when I wanted to create my website and found out that I couldn´t use the domain name that I really wanted. I almost fell into the trap of giving up. Luckily I came up with another name.

Apart from that, so many bloggers write about topics similar to the ones I choose. Just type in some keywords in Google and there you have it. This made me wonder how I can still bring something of value. I once read this quote:

´Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.´ ~ Margaret Mead

Although I find this quote funny, the truth in it bothers me a little. It is great to be unique, but what is the value of it if everyone is? It makes me feel so small and insignificant to realize how much people actually live on this planet. I cannot think of any possible purpose in life without hearing the echo ´Great! Come and stand in line!´. This made me wonder why I would consider it important to be different.

As a child I was being left out and bullied until high school. I must admit that I was somewhat of a peculiar child. I had skipped a year of school in kindergarten which always made me the youngest in the class. Yet I managed to reach high grades with little effort. Additionally I was mostly a quiet child in groups and felt little interest in the topics that entertained my peers. To complete my abnormality, our family was in a difficult financial situation which put me mostly in hand-me-down old-fashioned clothes.

Over time somehow, to stand out became my idea of safety. I cannot explain the disappointment when puberty widened my stretch of view and I was forced to realize that many people experienced very similar situations and feelings. It could have brought me comfort, but instead it brought me distress. I did not feel special anymore.

I think I have been approaching this issue the wrong way. What does it actually mean to be unique while everyone else in unique as well? Maybe it means that it is impossible to fit in since there is no one standard of personality or behaviour. No one is the exact same combination of personality traits, talents, beliefs, memories and beautiful features. Maybe it means that you are running around in endless circles when trying to either fit in or stand out. You don´t have to try to fit in since there is nothing to fit into. You don´t have to try to stand out because the truth is… You already do.

The truth is that in the bigger picture we are all very tiny dots. But what makes us valuable, is which colour we give our own little dot.

´Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!´~ Dr. Seuss

´Why fit in when you were born to stand out?´
~ Dr. Seuss

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