True stories: Birth day

One of the photographers I admire most, is Lieve Blanquaert. This Belgian woman has travelled all over the world imaging people´s lives in a remarkable way.

One of the projects she has worked on, is publishing a book called ´Birth day – How the world welcomes its children´. This book is full of wonderful stories with photos about the way children are welcomed into this world. It displays true stories from fourteen different countries, for instance Brazil, Kenia, Cambodja and Greenland. I highly recommend it, not just for baby lovers, but more for those who are interested in learning about different cultures worldwide. There is much to learn in this book and it is very heartwarming.

Lieve Blanquaert has many other inspiring books, often in cooperation with Annemie Struyf. Unfortunately, most of them are in Dutch, but ´Birth day´is available in English as well. There is a sequel called ´Wedding day´which is also great, but ´Birth day´definitely has my preference.

For more information about Lieve, check out her portfolio on this website:

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